Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Always Too Late"

A couple of weeks back I travelled down to Leeds to visit the housemates. We ended up randomly painting our living room... So, we now have a feature wall. Pretty sophisticated if you ask me.

One of my other reasons for going down was to see Faye. Since moving home for this job I haven’t stopped thinking about her. Well, I obviously have, but every so often she’d crop up in my mind. Little reminders such as the perfume someone was wearing to their accent all brought me back to memories of her. A couple of days before my visit I received a text message from her. Spelling mistakes aside, I thought she might be drunk.

Faye: “Mr Noah. You better be in Leeds on Thursday or else! ;-) xxxx”
Noah: “Yeah I’ll be there. As well as Wednesday, Friday and Saturday xxx”

So let’s just cut to the chase, whilst decorating my housemates phone buzzes. It’s Faye. So she asks me to pass her the phone but I already slid it open and saw the text which says:

Faye: “Oh, I forgot to tell you too, as of yesterday Chris and I are official.”

“Who is it?” my housemate asked.

Stumbling over my words I said, “Fayola.” Fayola? What. The. Flip?

That night we met up with Faye at her house for pre-drinks. The drunker she got the more she flirted. And as we walked to the bars, she was being very tactile. There was interlinking hand holding (oh yeah, try saying that when you’re drunk), butt slapping and lots of couple type hugging (you know the type, the way couples hug and not the way friends or family hug). Confusing signals. All the while I knew that she had this boyfriend.

You would have thought that Jaime would have made me learn my lesson, obviously not. Fooling me twice, well that’s a shame on me.

The train ride home was somber. I could only ask myself: what do I do now? The only tangible avenue I can take is moving on (which I'm pretty much good at now). But who knows what will come once my job is up and I get back down to Leeds.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

"Lesson Learned"

Note to self: when planning on getting drunk do not take any personal belongings. On three seperate occasions now I've lost personal belongings when drunk. First my wallet, second my iPod, and now my house keys. Thank God I'd taken my car key off the keyring before I left the house...that coulda be trouble.